The KPNR K9 Experience


Wildlife conservation dogs are deployed to perform two primary functions, firstly substance detection and secondly to track and pursue fugitives or criminal elements.

These qualities are unique to highly trained and skilled K9/ handler units and cannot be substituted by humans or other technology.

The KPNR K9 Experience forms part of a fundraising initiative in support of the KPNR K9 Unit’s sustainability, care- and safety of our K9 dogs. It also demonstrates the important function of the K9 pack-units (dogs and handlers)within the security- and conservation frameworks of the reserve. This offers guests the unique opportunity to be part of the action during a K9demonstration of the endangered species K9 detection- or tracking pack units, while detecting contraband substances or tracking down “suspects” while being part of our K9 tracking pack-unit.

For a unique experience in the African bush contact:

Marian Viljoen | 060 868 8995

Bookings are essential preferably at least one day in advance (Subject to availability).

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