Walking Wild 4 Girls Take 2!


“One Girl, One Dream & One Chance Can Educate a Nation”

This year I decided that I need more of a physical challenge so, I decided to run 2 back-to-back half marathons (a decision I may have regretted on the occasion). We circumnavigated the reserve, meaning I walked around the entire perimeter of the Reserve, on the boundaries that separate The Klaserie from the Balule Private Game Reserve, the Kruger National Park, Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, and the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. In total, we completed approximately 120 kilometres over the 5-day journey.

My biggest challenge was on day two, my body was so stiff and sore I could hardly even run for the first few kilometres. Every time I had a quick water break my muscles would stiffen up immediately which made getting going again quite a challenge. Each kilometre I ran that day felt ten times longer than on Day 1. Day 2 was not just a physical challenge, but it so challenged me mentally to just continue no matter what my body was feeling.

I loved sharing the whole experience with Percy and getting to know her better. I enjoyed our many discussions choosing which animal we wish to be, what food we like and even coming up with a new history syllabus for schools. Walking with Percy made the whole experience very real. If I ever needed inspiration over the five days, she certainly was there to lift me up.

My best moment on this years’ journey was on Day 5. Colin, Percy, and I had been walking in a very hilly part of the reserve along the eastern boundary, and I did not look up much as all I could see was one long rolling hill after another, we had to conquer. About halfway through the walk, we got to the top of a particularly longer incline and there in front of us was the most spectacular view of The Klaseries’ pristine wilderness. I felt like I was on top of the world. This experience made me truly appreciate the vastness of this beautiful landscape my family has been blessed to be associated with for 83 years.

I remain deeply committed to the Eco Childrens' Bursary Programme and most importantly to Percy’s education. Five days of walking and brainstorming have given rise to so many new and exciting ideas for raising funds for the education of young girls in South Africa!

A heartfelt thank you to all our donors, sponsors, supporters and most importantly the WW4G Team, Colin, Percy, Manie, Mandie and my special family for making a young girls dreams come true.

Yours truly,

Amy Macaskill.

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