“My African Soul” Art Exhibition & Silent Auction

July 18, 2017

The “My African Soul” Art Exhibition and Silent Auction officially came to an end yesterday at 13:00.


This initiative, brought to life with inspiration from young Anna Ruest , was a collective effort from phenomenal artists who created and donated art from their African Souls to raise funds for conservation and the protection of our rhinos in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.



* Warren Cary (Hoedspruit)

* Anna Ruest (Stellenbosch)

* Carol Patterson (Montana USA)

* Jackie Price (Nelspruit)

* Millie Muller (Balule)

* Mien Greyling (George)

* Johann du Preez (Hoedspruit)

* Cara Steyn (Mosselbaai)

* Caryn Fisher (Hoedspruit)

* Welna Conradie (Groot Brak)

* Mariette Maarschalk (Boggomsbaai)

* Marianthe Robertson (Groot Brak)

* Anne Watt (Hoedspruit)

* Karen Burke (Groot Brak)

* Janice Rowles (KPNR)

* Philmarie Uys (Port Elizabeth)

* Rebecca Rowles (KPNR)

* Kevin Clark (Johannesburg)

* Michelle Clark (Johannesburg)

* Otch Otto (GKEPF)

* Louise Sequeira  (Benoni)

* Warren Howson (KPNR)

* Two Girls & an Elephant (Hoedspruit)

* Phillip Reece Swanepoel (Mosselbaai)

* Dahejeri Prinsloo (KPNR)



* Everyone who supported this initiative by participating in the auction and helped us to raise a considerable amount in aid of Conservation and the KPNR Rhino Protection Fund.

* Young Anna Ruest and her friends from Switzerland and Sweden who once again inspired us by their quest to raise awareness all over the world of the vulnerability and plight of our rhinos. By creating and selling beautiful decorative greeting cards they have raised and donated a honourable amount to the KPNR Rhino Protection Fund. Thank you!

* KPNR EXCO & KPNR Members for their support, participation and contributions.

* KPNR Warden, Mr Colin Rowles and KPNR team for their time and efforts put into conservation and the protection of our rhinos.

* Corné Havenga & Eco Children for all the publicity in the Klaserie Chronicle.

* Beer Roux and his team from Golden Thatch for all the handmade Easels used in the exhibition.

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